Xavier 9b495390d2 Structural simplification, rustfmt configuration applied, and snake_case
for declared modules within tag vars

- For the sake of coherency, there are now four types of containers:
  Symbolic, Base, Slice, and Aggregate. These names better reflect the
  associated container types.
- Global configuration template is now written to disk prior to
- Inclusion of .rustfmt.toml with formatting applied to source files
- Breaking format change: SCREAMING_CASE has been replaced with
  snake_case for tag variables
- Simplified data structure in cache module
- InstanceCache type within the cache module replaces 'registered_base',
  'registered_dep', and 'registered_root', with 'filter'.
- Cleaned up argument parsing match statements in the front-end modules.
- Specifying dependencies with a comma deliniation is now supported
- Manual updated to reflect argument changes.
- query module updated to utilise internal APIs
- Some minor improvements to error handling.
- Removed redundant calls to --clear-env with bubblewrap.
- Scripting no longer outputs ANSI charcodes to unsupported terminals
2024-01-14 20:51:57 -05:00

17 lines
419 B

unstable_features = true
indent_style = "Block"
imports_indent = "Block"
imports_layout = "HorizontalVertical"
imports_granularity = "Crate"
brace_style = "PreferSameLine"
match_arm_leading_pipes = "Never"
match_arm_blocks = false
condense_wildcard_suffixes = true
overflow_delimited_expr = false
spaces_around_ranges = true
reorder_imports = true
hard_tabs = false
max_width = 130
fn_call_width = 120
chain_width = 90